Multifaceted well rounded artist, designer, optimization specialist, production artist and lead. Strong work ethic, team oriented with experience working as a 2D artist in mobile and online markets. Looking for a workload that will utilize my creative abilities with my UIUX design chops.

Skills & Software Expertise

  • Team Building & Leadership

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • After Effects

  • Flash / Animate

  • Optimization & Implementation

  • Production Art & Design

  • Storyboarding & Animation

  • Visual Effects

  • Wireframing & Prototyping

  • Training & Motivating

  • Project Management

  • Concept to Completion Delivery

  • InDesign

  • Sketch/Adobe XD

04/2016 - 11/2017

Professional Experience

Scientific Games interactive, Chicago, Il

Production Art · Game Design · Animation · Implementation · Optimization

  • Optimized workflow for team, bringing updated implementation concepts and work around solutions

  • Led an initiative to standardize artists deliverables

  • Developed a unified structured workflow, documentation and minimized time searching for content during handoff, saving 2 – 4 days in development, and streamlined delivery to engineering

  • Independently developed a concept into a working visual concept in 4.5 weeks, 20.85% faster than average timeline

08/2011 - 01/2017

Godel Systems, Remote

User Experience · Interface Design · Branding · Consultation

  • Created the layout design, user experience and core functionality for app

  • Developed investing app and platform with minimal knowledge of the industry

  • Concepted and designed UX for investing platform, company logo, brand identification, business cards

  • Familiarized with terminology and user needs to create a solid user experience for long term users and new

06/2016 - 03/2017

Liquid Development, LLC, Remote

Concept Art · Animation · Vector Art · Texture Art

  • Remotely contributed to a variety of projects as an animator, concept artist, icon design

  • Created content on an as-needed basis to address multiple ongoing projects

  • Adhered to existing look and feel that fit seamlessly with existing assets for a variety of styles and titles

  • Impeccable standards, delivery and self management resulting in returning clients

07/2015 - 09/2015

Grumpyface Studios, LLC, Tempe, AZ

Contract Animation

  • Brought on to meet the launch for Powerpuff Girls: Flipped Out! on mobile as a contractor. Animated character sets (walk, idle, attack, hit, appear sequence, death, variants), 30 sequences in total

09/2007 - 03/2010

Design Works Gaming, LLC, Scottsdale, AZ

Team Lead · Game Design · Animation · UI Design · Training & Mentor · Technical Art

  • Output had the fastest turnaround in the office, creating a finalized product in 1-2 weeks faster than projected

  • Adaptive to a small start up’s needs, doing whatever task needed to meet deadlines

  • Titles initially sold for $10,000, due to demand, quality and fast turnaround it grew to $100,000 from 2007 to 2010

  • Created over 2 dozen titles from concept to completion, including mock demo videos of gameplay

  • Awarded employee of the month for 7 consecutive months due to being result oriented, fast delivery and being available to assist in coworkers deadlines



Rainbow Riches: Road to Riches (online)
Handled the port from flash to HTML5, collected and documented content for engineers. Was given direction to recreate 1:1 with no alterations. Required some clever recreations and detective work to track down masters and up-res them.

Wizard of Oz: Road to Emerald City (online)
Handled the port from flash to HTML5, collected content for engineers. Required some clever recreations and detective work to track down masters and up-res them. This project was the starting point on my path to create a uniform starting point for artists to hand off to engineers.

Powerpuff Girls: Flipped Out! (iOS, Android - Grumpyface Studios)
Created character animation set

30 sequences in total

Fashion Story, (iOS, Android - Storm8)
Concepted isometric assets (one drawing flipped left and right), thumbnails, paperdoll dress-up style game

Created over 620 assets (isometric, thumbnail and paperdoll - 3 deliverables for 1 asset counted here)

Home Design Story (iOS, Android - Storm8)
Concepted x4 rotations of all isometric art, delivered using studios standards

Created over 20 isometric assets

FarmVille (Flash – Zynga)
Concept, line art, animations and implemented weekly deliveries

Over 360 Assets created

PirateVille (Canceled – Zynga)
Concept and created game icons

Created over 25 Icons while following design standards and style guides

Unannounced Title (PC - Games Café)
Created animations for walk cycles and idles to be used in Unity developed in Flash

Created 29 animation sets (walk, idle, harvest)

Horse Haven (Flash - Ubisoft / Limbic Ent.)
Concepted for isometric, icon, GUI elements, and animations for game

Created over 90 assets


Armidillo Artie (Slot Cabinet, iOS, Flash)
GUI/UX elements, Gameplay design, post rendered effects, 2D animations

Arctic Spirit (Slot Cabinet)
Concept, line art, finalization, animation, implementation, logo, promotional and marketing material, vinyl

Cash N Clovers (Slot Cabinet)
Concept, line art, finalization, animation, breakdown and implementation, logo

Deal or No Deal, the Wheel (Slot Cabinet)
Layout art, vinyl prep, 3D animation, unique GUI elements, implementation, demo reel (mock gameplay)

Deal or No Deal promo video (Video)
Storyboarded a concept with another teammate, developed a promotional teaser video

Fire Flies (Flash)
Concept, game design and flow, line art, animations and developed a demo reel (mock gameplay)

Hot Seat Progressive Videos, Mistery Moolah Progressive Videos (Video)
Post rendered VFX for Progressive video, created using After Effects and Particle Illusion

SpellBreaker (Slot Cabinet, iOS, Flash)
Concept, animation, finalization and implementation, demo reel (mock gameplay)


Dead Head Fred (PSP)
Temp-position, requiring frequent overtime and weekend contributions to meet deadlines