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About me

I have contributed my designs, expertise, skills and abilities since 2008.  I enjoy approaching a problem with the bigger picture in mind, keeping every aspect of creation in the perspective of a user and designing content to give them an amazing stress free experience.

I’m always looking to improve my abilities and contribute my knowledge, skills, and can-do attitude to my clients and employers. Finding solutions and ways to optimize workflows is really enjoyable for me. It’s also why I’ve been pushing for more UX and Visual Design work in recent times as it combines my love of critical thinking, trouble-shooting, research, and art together.

Career Background: My first studio position was at Design Works Gaming, a small start-up where I was hired as the first employee. As my first studio job, I was rocking hard mode and loving it. In addition to creating and delivering games, I trained new hires and managed two production artists.  I was responsible for handling the documentation for every client that came to our company, was almost entirely responsible for learning client specifications and tailoring the content we produced to those standards.  I did this either by following documentation or reverse engineering a working title (in some cases, no documentation was available). I was often the one responsible for breaking down all projects until we were able to secure more production artists, in addition to creating a good chunk of that content. I was thrilled at being able to contribute to both gameplay and design. It was an incredible first job, and I’ve been seeking a workload that allows for a similar fast paced and many-hat setting.

After that job I moved back to my home state to be closer to family and begin one of my own.  While I was regrowing that cornerstone of a healthy life, I was contributing full time remotely for Liquid Development.  There I was primarily a Concept Artist and Animator for mobile and desktop games. In that position, I created a ton of content in icon, isometric, vector, and animated formats. I contributed to weekly deadlines for a bit more than 5 years.

I went on to rejoin the casino industry in  2016 with Scientific Games, where I was a production artist. I was tasked with high-value titles like Wizard of Oz: the Road to Emerald City and Rainbow Riches. As the newest addition to the team, with no documents and very few clues on where the master files were, I signed up for a great challenge. Assets were lost, overwritten, or no master files to be found - often requiring up-res work and in some cases recreating assets exactly how they were. This was all done in order to convert Flash games to HTML5. During those projects, I noticed that there was room for improvement; artists could categorize content in a uniform manner, making it easier to pick up another’s project without needing close guidance from the previous artist. I pitched a template for all layouts and screens with accurate in-game sizes. My supervisor agreed, and I created wireframes for all known layouts, including file sizes and every screen that would appear. This was used in our office, in our remote studios, and was a great help when onboarding new acquisitions. My contributions helped to ensure artists could concentrate more on the art and less on the technical side.

Currently I’m filling my time with freelance and contract design work, but I’m seeking a more permanent home for my talents. If you think you’d be a good fit, please get in touch!