Visual Design, User Experience, Interface Design


Contribution: UI / UX Design, Logo and Branding, Core functionality concepts

Duration: 9 months

Flow document and user stories

 Here are some examples of flow docs for designers and engineers to reference while creating content that would fit into pre-established layouts.

Base Game - Win.png
Bonus - Reel Array -  ReelBoo.png
Bonus Spin.png

These were created while leading a uniform hand-off initiative at Scientific Games.

I saw an opportunity to help streamline the work and had an amazing director who allowed me to do so.

Challenge: There was a great deal of difficulty learning what the standard layouts were, what screens appeared, and it was generally up to the artist to reverse engineer working versions of the game in order to understand the user journey. These were created in order to maintain consistent final assets between global offices. Especially with a language barrier, having precise wording was important and often an after thought.


There were roughly 40 screens between the variant layouts and all menus, play options, and button states.


User Experience and Game Design

UX for a Black Jack Mobile Game

I was tasked with creating a game concept using pre-existing content, something I noticed that hadn’t been utilized much were a mobiles touch and swipe features. I thought of clever hand gestures to mirror the actual Black Jack experience, which is one of my favorite casino games. When playing at the tables hand gestures to the dealer are mandatory. It seemed natural to include concepts like swiping to stay, sliding cards back to dealer when folding or a single tap to receive another card.


Wireframe, User Experience and Visual Design for Mobile Freelance

Nothing fancy here, just a mobile game concept with alternate layouts for the client to review and give feedback.

GUI and Icon Design

I created the GUI for this capture the flag style game from concept to completion.


user experience design

I was tasked to create the flow, experience and where the most predominant features needed to be. I created the menus, popups and icons for this game. Project status is cancelled, unfortunately. I really loved this project and had a lot of creative freedom.


ICON CONCEPTS and final color

Client needed to have 3 sets of 4 spell / ability icons per class for a capture the flag game.

Each class had a specific element focus, which I used to create a basic pallet for their ability icons.


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