fashion story

all you see here is content created by me for the mobile game Fashion Story by Storm8 - these are just highlights. I contributed hundreds of assets which include icons, isometric and paper doll variants. I was contributing to this title on a weekly basis from 2011 to 2016.


 So many icons, these often doubled as isometric art. The dresses, shirts and pants had a master smart object file that would load them into the proper isometric angle. I couldn’t imagine doing it manually for hundreds of articles of clothing.


Here is an example of a weekly drop, which often included iso objects as well. I’d be given a one line description of what the client wanted and 1-3 reference photos for inspiration. After that I would draw up a rough color of the paper doll versions (on the left) - once those were approved I would take them to vector and do the same for thumbnail versions for feedback. Object production would work the same way but without a paper doll.