My process: design, GUI, and concept art

game concept - asian themed, one screen

I had 7 days to create a theme centered around ‘Asian’, the symbol hierarchy, GUI, and one wild animation. I completed this in 4 days. It was very well received. If this concept were taken into production there would definitely be a lot of cleanup work involved, it still conveys the core concept quite well.

Since I’ve designed many similar themed games in the past, I always try to look at some element of a culture to showcase and do justice. A Maiko is a Geisha in training, they wear their makeup differently to show that they are in training while becoming a host. The combs and hair pieces and jewelry they are adorned in have a significance, tea ceremonies are meticulously practiced until they are able to obtain the title Geisha.


Concept art and game design

Bow-wow Buccaneers

This was the first game concept I got to brainstorm and take to visual target while at Scientific Games. It was intended to be a clone of another successful game’s programming with a totally different visual concept driving it, which involved multiple screens and bonus features.

I really like the lively colors this concept was going to involve.


Game design and visual targets

One of the bonus features involved expanding wild screens, with a mini feature if enough 1:1 squares connected. Which would reveal a mini reel spin.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 3.58.10 PM.png

Concept art and sketching

This was a rough sketch of the bonus game screen. Set to the inside of the captain’s cabin. I would have liked to see some of the background elements sway and the captain writing in a leger.


From concept to delivery

animation highlights

Best viewed small, not only was my studio position very crucial to how I grew as a versatile artist willing to tackle whatever needed doing, I learned to back up my personal showcase work going forward.


fire flies

This, like many of the slot games I’ve created, was very fun. I was given a rough idea or concept of fire flies and the team brainstormed. The strongest idea was literal fire flies that would catch reels on fire over a camping out theme. The style and animation work was very fun to do. Overall this entire game was about 5 weeks to produce, since it was a simple 1 screen game with a color change to a bonus feature.

arctic spirit

Arctic Spirit was a great game to create. The core idea of the graphics was inspired by North Western Native art, and featured animals from that region that also appeared in native lore. I wanted to breathe the essence of totem animals into actual animals and thoroughly enjoyed the result.


Wild alaska

This concept was created due to the great reception Arctic Spirit had. I was tasked to make another similar themed game. While it’s predecessor focused more on totem animals, this game leaned more into the landscape of Alaska. The night skies and aurora borealis. This game focused more on the atmosphere surrounding the game over the symbols and characters in the reels.

spell breaker

This was an example where I collaborated with team members to produce the final product. Another artist created the concept art for these symbols, which I took to color and animation. While they were being concepted I created the logo, backgrounds, gui elements and poker symbols (AKQJ10), feature elements and visual effects / particles.


cast a spell

I adored the animation in this game! Sadly, the only animation viewable is the book. But it is one of my favorite inanimate object animations that I’ve created. The bonus game was a concept I developed, while working with another artist to produce 3D jars from a base game symbol. The original concept was to have a code driven color change, depending on the combination of colors. Unfortunately this was not feasible in the platforms it intended to be implemented for. We found a way to keep that vision in tact while still fitting it to work within the constraints.

This began a long journey of loving to create content that would loop well.