Zynga Games


I loved working on Farmville, every week was a new theme that I got to create matching up to the established look of the game. The idea was that these characters should be very interesting to entice the purchase of premium content. I was the only contractor dedicated to churning these puppies (and ponies) out, sometimes I also created some decorative assets if they needed animation - but mostly premium animals.

Orders ranged from 10-25 assets per week, I created over 360 assets throughout our contract.


All animals included adult and child versions, icons for different instances (randomly won, purchased, hatched/born).


In many instances custom animations that matched with the theme or personality - which I did whenever possible, in order to really drive home that “these are awesome!” element.


Pirateville Icons

This game was cancelled during early production, which is a shame! I loved the vibrancy and style for this game. 


 Zynga - Stars

This project was cancelled / indefinitely put on hold about a week into my contribution. I was brought on to create animation sets using flash.


My contribution to this project was to create pop up cards, ui elements and achievement icons.